The Healthy Business Retreat Photos

Healthy Business Retreat is an event for business owners created through a collaboration between Sarah Cooke and Camberry. The retreat was designed to help female businesses get build their businesses in a healthy sustainable way.

The Healthy Business Retreat Location

I flew to the retreat from the Isle of Man via Gatwick as it was held in the beautiful countryside of West Sussex. From the retreat’s accommodation, you could see the magnificent Arundel Castle. The retreat grounds were super peaceful. They were the perfect place to brainstorm business ideas and practice yoga. Sarah & Cathryn provided delicious food throughout the retreat. My particular favourite was the stacked breakfast each morning, YUMMM!!!

  • Yoga each morning before a heavy day of business strategy was everything the guests and myself needed!
  • The healthy business retreat was hosted in a beautiful location in west sussex
  • My favourite meal at the healthy business retreat was breakfast
  • Sarah Cook hosted some really valuable business strategy sessions

Photography for the Guests

It was blooming amazing to also be able to offer photography services to the rest of the guests. Each of the guests was tremendously inspiring. They all ran holistic health businesses and with many of them being impacted by not being able to deliver 1-1 treatments like massage they managed to diversify their businesses to deliver physical goods. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know each of them. I really wanted to capture each of their businesses and personalities in their photos. Assisted by the beautiful retreat surroundings the photos really did capture everything that I needed them too!!

Build your Business with Sarah & Cathryn at the next Healthy Business Retreat

Not only did I leave the retreat with some beautiful images, but Cathryn and Sarah were kind enough to share their services with me. The strategy session with Sarah helped to identify different ways that I could create income through passive streams. So watch out for more digital products and perhaps some fun workshops. If you’d like to join their next retreat, then join their mailing list here. Check out the promo video I created below for an insight into what you can expect :)!!

Promo video for the Healthy Business Retreat

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