Photos in Claire Christian Couture for Emma

As the sun sets on Ballaugh beach, the sky turns beautiful pastel colours. It was a truly special place to take Isle of Man mindfulness coach and fitness instructor Emma Blackburn. Emma some mindfulness style photos to help her promote her new mindfulness movement class at a gym on the Isle of Man called Cycle 360.

I love dreamy feminine photos if you haven’t noticed by now ;). Emma brought a beautiful Claire Christian Couture dress with her to Ballaugh beach. Claire Christian is an Isle of Man-based fashion designer. Claire impressively worked at global fashion brand Burberry (very impressive!!). She makes some beautiful modern, feminine clothing. I’m super excited to potentially collaborate with the brand again in the future. It has always been my dream to attract more brands to have their clothing items photographed on the Isle of Man. For me, the Isle of Man has such a diverse range of locations within a short distance.

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