Isle of Man based Jewellery Company Element Isle Photoshoot with Styling by Tynwald Mills

Element Isle is a Jewellery business creates stunning designs linked to the nature and history of the Isle of Man

Element Isle is a business that celebrates being based on the Isle of Man. Claire the jewellery designer bases all of her designs on the nature, history, and folklore that surrounds her on the Isle of Man. It was really important to showcase the aesthetic of the Isle of Man to Claire’s customers. This meant choosing a couple of great locations to show off some beautiful autumn and beachy colours. We chose the Arboretum, which has a wide range of ornamental and native tree species. There were some beautiful golds and greens to really accentuate Claire’s woodland-themed jewellery pieces. Once we captured a number of Jewellery pieces there we then moved to Peel. Fennella Beach in Peel was our next location. It is situated right next to the ancient Viking Peel Castle. The colour of the sand is a unique gold due to discarded scallop shells. The scallop shells have also turned the water a beautiful turquoise colour usually only seen in more tropical climates.

My goal as a photographer is to tell the story of the Isle of Man. To showcase the Island and all of its creative brands to the rest of the world. It always surprises me how many people outside of the Isle of Man are interested in the story of the Isle of Man beyond the TT. There is sooo much more to the Isle of Man. It has so much to offer people who love the outdoors and who have a keen interest in an interesting Viking and Celtic History.

Fenella Beach

Tynwald National Park & Arboretum

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