About Me

Ciara H - About me story

I left the corporate world in 2019 in the search of something more fulfilling. Little did I know that two years later I’d be enjoying work and my life. I love telling stories about both my life and other peoples.

My journey into content creation and photography

Prior to 2019, I spent 10+ years in business and account management roles in the Isle of Man. I was very fortunate to exit University into a graduate internship at Isle of Man Post Office. The role required me to undertake projects in various areas of the business, from finance to sales, and then marketing. Alongside the business projects, we were given study leave to undertake a Masters in Business Administration. This taught me quite a bit about myself, that I love all aspects of creative marketing within the business. Actually, if I am completely honest fashion magazines like Glamour and Vogue created the spark, and the MBA ignited my love of marketing. From then I was that weird person who actually bought the Fashion magazines to learn how those multiple perfume adverts chose to tell the story of a product.

Obsession with how luxury brands market their products in fashion magazines - this image has been taken from lifestyle instagram account

Limited Creative Marketing Opportunities on the Isle of Man

Marketing opportunities on the Isle of Man are few and far between. Especially when it comes to advertising creative products. That meant the only role opening at once our Masters was complete at the Post Office was in account management and sales. Also, most external marketing opportunities were really low paid and in the Financial sector. So I stuck to my role in the Isle of Man Post Office for roughly 8 years. Although the role was not in marketing the Post Office did allow me to help run their social media channels. Their main product offering for business was also in print so I was able to gather a great understanding of how to use the Adobe products and how best to print images.

Working for an Online Gaming giant strengthened my entrepreneurial ambitions

After my 8 years at Isle of Man Post Office, I began to get itchy feet. The need to explore and meet new people outside the Isle of Man grew. That is when a role opened at an online gaming company opened at Microgaming. This was such a life-changing role for me. I was given clients in Scandinavian and expected to arrange and travel to meet them. From Stockholm to Tallin, to Malta. I met some extraordinary people. Most people within the gaming industry are young and ambitious. It showed me that there were ways to make money online outside the traditional 9 to 5 in an office. I think that I know then that I wanted to try and become more Entrepreneurial.

I loved traveling to the Scandinavian region. Stockholm has been just beautiful
Stockholm was one of my favourite Scandinavian worktrips

The next steps after being made redundant

In 2019, I was made redundant from a job in the online gaming industry. I think I knew then that it was my time to try and create my own business. It started with a fitness and running blog. I found that I enjoyed the blogging, but not necessarily the personal training element. It was the photography and marketing element that I enjoyed the most. So I decided to pivot slightly and focus on the photography element. I also undertook a CIM L4 Marketing Certificate to refresh and make my business knowledge more specifically related to marketing. My focus has been on female focus products that are linked to the wild natural world around me on the Isle of Man (Element Isle is the perfect example of what I love to do), headshots for creativity, and weddings. I am soon also going to be launching creative photography workshops to help more people feel comfortable using and being in front of the camera.

Ciara H | Eat Run Passion
My first blogging adventure was fun but was not my true passion

Bringing personal blogging back into my life

Most recently I have decided to bring back more blogging elements into my business. I love telling stories and blogging enables me to do that. Much of my content will focus on my love of Celtic and Scandinavian styles. I draw inspiration from the natural world around me on the Isle of Man. My aim is to create relaxed, content to help others lead a slower more enriched life.