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Buy Vintage… Be Rewarded for Being Different

August 3, 2022
Vintage clothing jpeg

Buying Vintage never used to be cool when I was growing up.

Buying Vintage was once something the crazy cat lady in the village used to do, but that perception has changed. More people are buying vintage clothing to stand out from the crowd. I thank the lord that we no longer need to just get our clothing from the same high street stores as everyone else. Now instagrammers are being rewarded for their originality and use of beautiful vintage pieces in their feeds.

30 years to find my style

It has taken a full 30 years to find my style and calling in life. I think that is because how I look does not suit modern-day clothing. I have always looked better in a more feminine silhouette. My body looks better in long floaty dresses from the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s look so much better on my figure than a lot of the current high street brands. Finding love for vintage clothing has helped me develop a different personal style that is just a bit different from everyone else. That has inspired me to create a new instagram handle that will showcase my love for this style. It is a girly, whimsical, pretty style that suits my body and that also helps me tell about each item.

pink little bow peep dress totally suits me
Find this pink dress in my online store

Serotonin boost from vintage finds

This pink dress was such a wonderful find. That feeling when you find something cool in a vintage shop is also like nothing else. I definitely get a bigger hit of serotonin than buying highstreet brands. It makes me happy that the item is getting some extra love from me rather than heading to the landfill. I’d the item to keep getting more love so I will set up a store where I will sell some of my vintage finds. This pink little bow peep dress is the first. I love creating art with my vintage finds. It was so much fun shooting in this dress. It was a little challenging at the time, but I thought that the pinks in the dress totally complemented the pink flowers popping up around the Island.

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