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Bali inspired photoshoot for beautiful Curvy Girl

June 30, 2022
Bali inspired photoshoot on the Isle of Man

Who would have thought that it was possible to capture a Bali-style photograph of the Isle of Man?!!! Well, yes, it is possible! I have always dreamed of shooting in Bali and this was a great opportunity to try and recreate that vibe!

Dog walkers got a bit of a shock

Kirsten Flemming, who has a fab Instagram page @incawilder spotted a very cool reed grass patch located at her work in St Johns on the Isle of Man. I have to admit some of the general public walking their dogs got a bit of a shock when Kirsten stripped down to her swimsuit but it was all well worth it.

The result

The resulting photos looked stunning. I always love how nature matched the tones in Kirsten’s skin and made everything look oh so tropical. Kirsten has an absolutely beautiful body shape and is able to confidently move and pose with almost no instruction.

Equipment used

For this photoshoot I used my trusty Sony A7iii and Sony GM 35mm lens. The images were edited in Camera RAW through Adobe Bridge. I’m really loving my colour grading at the moment. I have been focusing on using Lightroom’s calibration panel to colour grade my images and it has been working a treat. I did do some minor retouching in Photoshop using the frequency separation. It has taken me a full-on year to get this technique right but I finally feel like I’m there.

Kisten FLemming (@incawilder) on instagram has a beautiful body shape.

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