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Photoshoot with Sony GM35mm & Sigma Art 85mm

June 13, 2022
Testing 35mm & 85mm Sony GM

The Isle of Man has a great selection of stunning locations to test out my 35mm Sony GM & Sigma Art 35mm. This ruin is located in a beautiful location at a place called Druidale. It is very close to a single-track road so is very easy to get to.

The goal of this photoshoot was to experiment with my 35mm Sony GM & 85 Sigma Art lens on my Sony A7iii. My model Kasey is a professional dancer so it was the perfect opportunity to experiment with movement and emotion.

35mm Tip to try at your next photoshoot

I love that the 35mm exaggerates the movements and angles of your subject. Try instructing your subject to point their limbs towards the lens. This can create a really cool high fashion look.

Kasey pointing limbs towards the camera creating a cool effect
Here are some more of my favourite 35mm photos, I love that you can create a bit more of a story with this lens. You can see more of the backgrounds which I love.
You can include more of your background with a 35mm

85mm Tip to try at your next photoshoot

Then the 85mm is in direct contrast. The 85mm focal length creates beautiful dreamy photos. I find the 85mm a real feminine lens as you can create beautiful creamy backgrounds. My tip for creating creamy backgrounds at the 85mm focal length is to turn down the f-stop as low as possible. This will blur your background and create a beautiful dreamy effect. If it is a bright day then use your shutter number to compensate for letting in lots of light :).

Thanks for reading, if you like my photos and fancy working with me then do not hesitate to get in touch.

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