What to think about for your first actor headshot session

February 23, 2022
Megan - Actor Headshot Session

Your first actor headshot session can be a scary prospect. So I have created this post to help know what to expect and to end the session with some kick ass photos!!

Let’s first start by choosing the right outfit!


Ask your photographer what background colours are available for your photo session. This will help you pick the perfect outfit. The colours you wear for your photos can instantly change the mood and vibe of your photos. Try using complementary colour theory to select your outfit. You will see a basic infographic below that will show you basic colour theory.

Megan smashed a monochromatic (different tones of the same colour) colour scheme for her headshot session with me (absolutely in love with this photo)

Next communicate the type of vibe you are looking to achieve for your actor headshot session

The photographer can create your headshot vibe through different lighting setups. Explaining the type of look you are trying to achieve will help the photographer have the right lighting set up for the day. There a two basic looks photographers can create… which are low key lighting (dark and moody photos). High key lighting provides a light and bright photo. Lyndsey Adler (an AMAZING American YouTube photographer’s video will give you an idea of these two looks).

Request a good amount of time for your photoshoot

The length of your actor headshot session will completely depend on your photographer. I personally like a session to be at least 2 hours. I think that it takes at least 30 minutes to have a coffee and relax around each other. The more relaxed everyone is the better the photos!! I also love to play music in the background this can help to create the mood of the photoshoot and puts everyone at ease.

FYI – How long will your photos take to edit?

This again totally depends on your photographer. I like to spend time perfecting the retouching and colour grading of each image, which can take as long as an hour. I don’t go overboard on the image, but I still want to make everyone look and feel their best. Depending on my job at that time images can be turned around in 2 weeks.

A bit more about me…

I’m a creative photographer based on the Isle of Man (but totally willing to travel further afield!!) who loves to take portraits. Female, feminine portraits in particular. I love the beauty of the female form. If you would like to book me then head over to my contact page and send me a message.

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