INSTAfluencer! Workshop By Ciara H.Com

January 25, 2022
Instafluencer! Workshop

Be your own INSTA influencer

Need a little help taking your social presence up a gear or two? Go from Instameh to Instayeah in this super accessible taster workshop, jam-packed with easy-to-follow ideas to shake up and help you shape up!

Date:  20th February 2022

Time:  10am – 1pm

Venue:  Artreach Studios, Mill Road, Peel

No experience required – beginners & improvers welcome! Includes a £20 voucher for a pro shoot with Ciara!

It all starts with some INSTAworthy imagery, right?

Have you ever wondered how to make the most of what you have to hand + get some totally post-worthy images without breaking the bank and having to invest in a whole host of new equipment?  Fear not, Ciara ( is here to share some top tips and how to’s use what you have and maybe a few inexpensive additions! You’ll be rocking your platforms before you know it!

What’s covered?

A fabulous info-packed session filled with top tips on exploring your creative ideas and transforming them into Social Media success!

Basic Composition Rules

You will receive an introduction to simple composition rules. When it comes to product photography following simple composition rules can help you impress on social media.

Basic Editing Within Lightroom Mobile

Learn how to simply and effectively edit your photos within Adobe Lightroom mobile. You can create your own presets within the app that can help build your brand’s unique style.

basic editing can be done within lightroom mobile
Basic Editing can be done in Lightroom Mobile – Even on my bashed old iPhone 8

Basic Colour Theory

100% help you create a more consistent Instagram grid. It will help you plan out the colours of props, background, lighting, and how you will eventually edit your photos.

Basic Lighting Principles

Someone once told me that photography is the art of painting with light. The direction and how much light you use will change the mood of a photo.

Learning basic Lighting principles can help you rock in your photos

There will be a number of themed selfie stations set up with different types of lighting to help you experiment and have fun creating some cool self-portraits. By the end of the course, you should have some fun photos to post or not post on social media.

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@ciarah_lifestyle – my lifestyle and personal blog

@ciarahphotography – for all my client work 🙂

EVENT Highlights

★ Feel confident with composition

★ Getting ‘THAT SHOT’ solo

★ Learn to love your online presence

★ Post Photo Production – the easy way! KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED….

The first in a new series of social media savvy and creative ways to explore an authentic and eye-catching marketing presence.

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