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Why I’m Inspired by Swedish YouTube Star Jonna Jinton

January 10, 2022
Jonna Jinton article on how she inspires me

Jonna creates beautiful videos about her remote life in Sweden. Her lifestyle has helped me identify what I’d like out of life. She inspires me to get outdoors and be a more creative person. I’ve no doubt she’ll inspire you to do the same!

Who is Jonna Jinton?

Jonna Jinton was born in Gothenburg, Sweden. She lived the fast-paced city life as she grew up, but at around twenty years old, she decided that she wanted more out of life. Jonna packed up her things and said goodbye to her city life in favour of a slower pace of life in the far north of Sweden.

To make her living initially she took amazing photos and wrote about the world around her (via her blog – find it here https://jonnajintonsweden.com/). The dramatic change of seasons in Sweden is beautiful content. I think that every creator’s natural progression is from photos to word, to videos. Youtube provides such a fabulous platform to be able to share your story with thousands of people. The way Jonna tells her story and her gorgeous personality was a big reason for her videos becoming really popular. Jonna also has a fabulous taste in music (note the website you can get the music from). She also writes her own traditional Swedish music. All of this combined together helps transport me from the Isle of Man to north Sweden.

A song for the earth - Ancient Swedish herdingcall - YouTube

How has Jonna Jinton inspired my own life?

Jonna has helped me believe that it is totally possible to make a living in a remote place as a creative person. That thanks to social media you no longer need to live in a big city to make money as a photographer or filmmaker. She has demonstrated that if you are good enough at your art, then you will be able to build a big enough following to not just survive. Jonna is 100% thriving at the moment.

Jonna is unconcerned about how others perceive her. Her content feels unique and authentic. The way she showcases her dramatic surroundings is so relaxing. I find her so relaxing as a human, and I love how much she cares about her environment.

Jonna’s videos have reawakened my need to travel to Scandinavia again. I just love the food, the people and the hygge Scandi way of life. 2022 will be the year I find a beautiful small Scandi cabin on AirBnB and will just get lost in myself and nature. It has really made me decide that I need to commit to getting outdoors closer to home on the Isle of Man. I would love to show the world that the Isle of Man also has a sneaky Scandi side. With the Isle of Man being an Ancient Viking colony and the weather being similarly seasonal it would be great to show people that slow living is possible on this tiny island in the middle of the sea.

Why should you watch Jonna Jinton’s YouTube Videos?

  • To relax and escape your busy life.
  • If you are a creative like me her videos will provide lots of inspiration. P.s sorry you’ll probably end up adding a drone to your shopping list after watching her videos.
  • To fall in love with the Scandi way of life.
  • You’ll get a lot of cinematic B-roll inspiration.
  • To be more inspired to spend more of your life in the outdoors.
  • To love and make time for art again.

Here is a recent Jonna Jinton episode, I hope that you enjoy it!

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