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Celtic music spotify playlist that will transport you

December 22, 2021
Celtic Music helps me escape reality

Celtic music has shifted higher up my most played list on Spotify recently. For some reason, traditional music helps me escape reality. Sitting in front of a fire with a hot drink, Kindle, and some traditional Celtic music in the background is just so relaxing.

What made me addicted to Celtic music?

Living on the Isle of Man (an old Celtic stronghold) I was exposed to live Celtic music from an early age. My Grandad (Colin Jerry) was involved in the Celtic revival on the Isle of Man. Both he and my Grandma Cristyl Jerry were involved in the Celtic music scene. This meant that I was lucky enough to watch them play and get involved with the dancing.

The second volume of Kiaull yn Theay ('Music of the folk'), commonly known as the Red Book
The second volume of Kiaull yn Theay (‘Music of the folk’), commonly known as the Red Book

From then on I always loved listening to Celtic music, whether that was just a bit of Enya at the end of a Lord of Rings film, or the local band in the corner of Dublin pub.

Celtic music transports you to a different time and place

Celtic music takes me back to a different century on the Island. It makes me think of dancing around cute little villages like Cregneesh on the Isle of Man. Centuries ago people would have got together at these small social gatherings where you think would find the love of your life.

Cregneesh Village is an old Celtic Stronghold on the Isle of Man. The village is full of cute cottages with thatched rooves
Cregneesh village is an old Celtic stronghold on the Isle of Man. This traditional village is full of beautiful cottages with thatched roofs.

It also (embarrassingly) makes me imagine that I’m Claire from Outlander chasing after the gorgeous Scot Jaime. I always imagine I’m lost in the wilderness on the Isle of Man. Running free over the Manx fells and through some of its enchanted Glens.

How did I find the Playlist?

I made this Spotify Celtic playlist find on TikTok. It was through a cool young Celtic singer called Malinda. Her music is brilliant! I then found her cool Celtic music playlist through her playlist on Spotify. Her I NEED SOME CELTIC playlist is a brilliant blend of modern Celtic artists mixed with some more old-school songs. I’m sure you’ll recognise, some of her brilliant Outlander and Lord of the Rings covers.

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