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Lead a hygge lifestyle to improve your mental health

December 19, 2021
How leading a hygge lifestyle can improve your mental health

Hygge lifestyle has become dramatically more popular over recent years, and not just in Scandinavia. The word hygge originates from a Danish word that basically describes a feeling. It is a feeling of content coziness. In this blog post I want to highlight the positive impact that living by its principle has had on my mental health.

Hygge lifestyle will force you to live in the moment more often.

We are all taught from an early age to lead fast lives. From an early age in school, we’re taught to reach for that next exam, to write that next piece of coursework in time for that deadline. Our lives eventually become one big fat deadline. The little book of hygge describes the principles of hygge being the secret to happy living. These principles teach you to live more life more in the present. To take happiness from the small things, like lighting a candle, or having a bunch of friends around for dinner to enjoy each other’s company.

Hygge for me is about leading a balanced, happy life. To not take things too seriously

Living a Hygge Lifestyle has helped me become less materialistic

In the little book of hygge it suggests that instead of bringing the usual gifts and everything to friends, dinners you should bring yourselves or a homemade preserve gift for your friend/family members store. This could be some preserved lemons or homemade jam, it could even be store-bought. It shouldn’t matter!! And you know what wouldn’t that make Christmas a hell of a lot less stressful! For me at Christmas, I probably couldn’t tell you what gifts I received. But I could tell you about the jokes, conversations, and the food I’d eaten. I could tell you about the warmth that I felt in my heart from all the laughter. Even if the jokes were mostly at my own expense.

A Hygge Lifestyle is all about balance

I used to be fairly strict with my diet. I’d control my calories each day with the focus on not gaining too much weight. I’d exercise for 1-2 hours a day. I’d also be really hard on myself for having rest days. Although I still believe that exercise is an important part of my life I’m a little less concerned about what it consists of and the intensity. I have managed to find a form of exercise that I actually want to do each day.

Yoga for me has completely changed the way I think about exercise. It can still make me sweat but I don’t feel the same stresses I felt when running. The fluid movement in time with my breath both calms and gives me the workout I crave. It has helped my body feel strong again. I will definitely still run, but it will be more on my terms. I don’t want to feel like I have to go out for a run, and then kick myself when I don’t. Some days it’s just about doing any form of movement. It doesn’t matter what it is. And I think that is a healthier way to look at exercise.

Lighting the fire and some candles, and playing a Yoga video from one of my favs like Cat Meffan is just BLISS! The Shavasana under a chunky blanket at the end is also WINNING!!!


Hygge Scandi style interior design and soft furnishings promote happiness

I think that the heavy use of natural materials and clever use of light within Scandi interior design help make you feel connected with the outdoors while being inside. So lots of wood, plants, and furs (of course fake furs for me). Soft, cozy lighting help to make feel relaxed and cozy. The great thing is that incorporating these elements into your home can be as simple as buying a candle. None of these things need to cost the earth.

These cozy Scandi surroundings really make me want to drop everything, grab my kindle, and relax.

In Summary

Leading a hygge lifestyle has helped restore balance, become less materialistic, and generally made me feel happier. There is definitely some truth in leading this kind of lifestyle, creating one of the happiest nations in the world (Denmark). So this is your excuse to buy that candle or cozy blanket that you’ve been debating on getting for weeks ;).

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