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August 16, 2021
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Is it worth investing £120 on a collapsible Kate Backdrop if you have just created a Fashion blog?

When you are just starting your blogging journey it is hard to know what to invest your money in at the beginning. At the start of my journey, I struggled to find locations in my house which we were renovating. To make things worse, lighting in an old house isn’t the best. I spent hours on Pinterest researching alternative backdrops. These included newspaper walls, our old fireplace, a rug on the floor. None of these options gave me the results that I desired. Looking back now I wish that I’d just invested in a good quality backdrop from the beginning. 

Early photoshoot with flowers in front of an old fireplace. I wish that I had purchased a Kate Backdrop earlier.
Photo from one of my early self-portrait sessions

First backdrop investment was a bit of a flop

My first backdrop investment was in a backdrop stand and a simple white sheet that you can find on amazon. This really did not work, the backdrop was too big for my house and the white sheet showed up as creases in the end image. I now know how to amend this in photoshop, but it’s not the easiest if you are just starting. When you start blogging, it is easier to get images right in the camera and then make simple adjustments in Lightroom. Photoshop was so scary for me in the beginning. It is such a powerful tool, but can really mess up your images if you don’t know what you are doing. 

At the start of the summer, I got an inquiry to do some headshots for a corporate business. As I did not know what backdrops would be available. I needed something reliable, portable, and of high quality. There are so many options available on Amazon, though Kate Backdrops directly, and Manfrotto (who makes amazing tripods!!). A massive part of my choice was being able to do both corporate and my own creative work with the backdrop. There was not a massive selection of colour options with any of the suppliers. Kates edged my end choice through a sensible white colour, perfect for corporate work. Then the other side was pink, which would work with my most creative work.

Irene inspired my Kate Backdrop choice

A lot of YouTube creators use Kate Backdrop. I love Irene Rudnyk’s YouTube Channel Irene has done a few home photography sessions that have used Kate Backdrop. I love her dreamy style, and Kate’s Backdrops really suit that. 

Creative Portraits using 1 Flash in Small Home Studio, Behind The Scenes -  YouTube
Kate on her YouTube channel using a Kate Backdrop

Irene uses a Kate Backdrop. The Backdrop takes up very little space. You just need to find some good light and you’re good to go :)!!

Irene Rudnyk - YouTube
YouTube star Irene with her mirrorless Canon and famous 85mm

So which Kate Backdrop did I Buy?

Here are the details of my backdrop choice.

Kate 5×6.5ft(1.5x2m) Double-Sided Backdrop Fine Art Textured Pink Collapsible Backgrounds Light Grey Backdrop Twist Flex Colapsable Photography Backdrop

I love the different textures on the pink side especially. The material is a soft velvet which helps soak up any surrounding light. The backdrop was so easy to travel with and pop-up in my corporate job. It is a bit more tricky to fold up again but has gotten easier each time I pack it away. If you are a creator that travels a lot and can’t always guarantee a decent background, then I’d highly recommend this item.

Pink and White Collapsible Kate Backdrop that I purchased.
The pink and white collapsible backdrops that I eventually purchased

Kates Backdrops Collapsible Backdrop Final Verdict

  • Easy to carry and quick to pop up at any location.
  • Can be a bit tricky to pack away in the bag again.
  • The backdrop has a lovely velvety texture that looks great in photos.
  • Looks good straight out of the camera. No creases you have to remove in post editing.
  • Great option for any blogger who lives in a building site like me!
  • A great modern color that helps you recreate any of your favorite Pinterest photos without the need of a studio.

Thank you for reading my blog, you can find my portfolio here.

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